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STARTER SET TagRec Station

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TagRec Station Identify - Subscibe - Record


About TagRec Station
To capture tools, parts, vehicle fleet, machinery, construction machinery, rental equipment, sports equipment, etc.!
- Ask when collecting the data you need (e.g. Company, name, phone,...). You determine the content of the information!
- The user interface is multilingual as the administrator determines the content of the data.
- The administrator interface is in English.

Live list showing all registered data.
- See, e.g. Who took something and returned it again.
- Accurate documentation of the requested data.

External scanner for large parts, heavy parts, etc. possible via Bluetooth.
- Capture even large machines, large tools, vehicles, construction machines, etc. in seconds and easily.

Expandable and customizable to your needs. For example:
- Employees, customers, external contractors, etc. using an ID card.
- Transfer of data to an ERP system.
- Transfer of data to a time recording system. Contact us! We are proven experts and would like to make you an offer for the adaptation to your system.

The heart of all this is the SignMax-PL. And the operation is so easy:
Setup the SignMax PL (once) & create ID labels for your parts
- Define the communication once. In which language, what compulsory information is requiered, etc. Everything is possible!
- Create simple ID labels for the parts you want to capture. You determine the number ranges and can hereby even distinguish between the parts. For example, Tools - Construction machinery - Vehicles.
- Finished! Your TagRec station is ready for use.

TagRec Station
including Software SignMax PL,
Labelling System LabelMax SP3,
Ribbon black (110 mm x 50 m) & Label (200 Pce)

- 109941 Label, white 30x25mm 81,- Euro
- 106671 Ribbon, black 110mmx125m 59,- Euro
More labels and ribbons on request available. Just contact us!

TIP: Use the TagRec Station for your safety marking. Create pipe markers, inspection labels, LOTO labels, safety notices, etc. Expand the TagRec Station with the SignMax V10 and you have it all!

Do you have questions? Just contact us! Tel.: +49(0)4763/ 94595-0 oder info@maxsystems.de