Maintenance / inspection certificate four columns

Maintenance / inspection certificate four columns


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Gem & auml; & szlig; DIN EN 3 - 7 must be affixed to the front of the fire extinguisher as proof, either with or without details of the nearest service, next to or below the inscription space.

By no means may any attachment be made other labels are hidden on the firelighter (not even partially). For maintenance, you can use our badge labels for gluing up to a maximum diameter of 30 mm.
Our self-adhesive film is cadmium-free, characterized by a very good workmanship, extreme adhesion, excellent resistance against UV Light, Chemicals and Moisture.

Maintenance / Proof Four-Column:

This Maintenance / Proof Document for Fire Extinguisher contains ; four columns in which the last or next check can be noted. At the top right is the pictogram Feuerlumscher "after ASR A1.3 (2013)."

Product information
  • Size
    121 x 80 mm
  • Material
    Folie Selbstklebend
  • Content
    6 Piece