Cederroth Eye Wash Station

Cederroth Eye Wash Station

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The Cederroth Eyewash Station is designed to help as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles which open automatically when they are removed from the holders. The bottles are designed so that the eye is spiked with plenty of fluid for about 1.5 minutes.

The Cederroth eye wash restores the pH of the eye as much as possible, i. E. the sputum has a neutralizing effect on bases and acids. This makes it faster than ordinary saline solution. The effect is fundamentally greater in alkalis than in acids
The eyewash station includes extra space for products of choice, e.g. Blood killers, goggles or protective gloves.

The transparent flap facilitates the replenishment of the eye shower and ensures that everything is immediately at hand in an emergency.

In addition to the eye shower, the station is equipped with a Salvequick plaster dispenser (item 490700). The plasters in our new donor are pulled down so that the remaining plasters are not contaminated or contaminated by blood. The plaster refills are locked in the dispenser so they do not get lost. The empty refills are simply removed with the special key.

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